APPCO’S Generac Mobile Link Dealer Remote Monitoring consists of:generac generators Appco Power Solutions Myrtle Beach

Mobile link wifi network installed on the generator

Generac’s Dealer Web Site Portal deliver’s information about the monitored generator to the dealer

Spec Sheet     Manual


Fault Reports and Alert Notifications
Battery Reports/Alarms
Weekly Self-Test Verification
Maintenance Reminders
Engine On/Off Updates


The implementation of remote monitoring has many benefits for the end user customer.
• Improved Reliability – Know with confidence the system will work when needed
• Peace of mind knowing that their service company is providing them with the highest level of service possible
• Confidence in their equipment, the brand and their service company
• Instant alert notifications from their service company
• Minimized down time – Fast proactive service response to problems
• Reduced cost of ownership – Remote monitoring actually helps decrease the overall cost of ownership. Smallproblems can be fixed before they become big problems, thereby reducing major repair costs.
The most significant cost to the homeowner occurs if the generator does not work during a power outage! Basically, remote generator monitoring lets you do everything you could do when standing directly over your generator.

These include:
– Run a complete engine test
– Run a complete transfer switch test
– Monitor the readiness status
– Check for system errors and correct them
– Change the exercise time
– Change the date and time
– Check your generator history to see if the scheduled exercise was on time

Generac WFi monitoring, once setup , audits and monitors all activity on the machine. The device sends messages via your homes network. The messages are collected on Generacs secure server. Any Internet connected device can be used to access information about the generator. Users can access their generators information on the mobile link app