Mobile Link 4G LTE Cellular

Introducing Mobile Link Cellular 4G LTE, the next generation cellular accessory. This accessory attaches to your home standby generator and connects it with our Mobile Link monitoring service, giving you (and your service dealer, with a dealer-managed plan) real-time access to critical information about your generator’s status – anytime, anywhere. The Mobile Link Cellular 4G LTE accessory is easy to use and works in tandem with our cellular partner, Verizon, for broad coverage and more reliable connections. This 4G LTE network also delivers faster download speeds, enabling automatic generator system upgrades and faster delivery of generator condition notifications.

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Once you’re connected to the Mobile Link service, you can monitor the status of your generator wirelessly, through the Mobile Link mobile app. You can receive real-time status updates, see your maintenance needs and schedule, and contact your service dealer directly.

For additional peace-of-mind, you can sign up for a dealer-managed plan, which automatically provides your service dealer access to notifications when service is required or a problem occurs – 24/7, 365 days a year.

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